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AAADAC Meeting Dates

September 10, 2015

​October 8, 2015

​November 12, 2015

​December 10, 2015 

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2015 Fall Workshop

October 5th-8th, 2015

Have an exceptional counselor​ who deserves to be recognized?  Show your appreciation and nominate them for one of the 2015 AAADAC Fall workshop awards! Click here for more info!! 

​Meetings are held at:

1100 N. University Ave Ste 35
Little Rock AR 72207-6300 

​ Nominations must be received by, Friday September 4, 2015!!!!

For over two decades, AAADAC has been a primary organization in Arkansas dedicated to assuring the availability of qualified substance abuse counselors and other health care professionals interested in the field of substance abuse counseling and treatment. In order to provide excellence in service and care, professionals must have a continuum of training and education. We provide these opportunities at our annual week-long Fall Workshop.

Because of the dynamic growth in the profession, there are political and legislative concerns that must be addressed.

AAADAC is a clearing house for information and service as the voice for our members on these issues.

The AAADAC provides networking opportunities by informing our members of job vacancies and upcoming events in our Quarterly Newsletter.